Trend Alert: Gray and Black Garage Doors are Popping Up Everywhere

Nov 1, 2022

Garage Doors

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One of the latest home exterior design trends is utilizing dark garage door colors. From charcoal grays to striking black doors, the design options are endless. Dark colors provide a dynamic, refined look to a home’s architectural style.  

Dark garage door colors grab attention while increasing the curb appeal of your home. While this trend also complements the increasingly popular modern industrial look we’ve helped dark garage doors provide a striking visual for homes since the 1950’s.

This guide will explore five ways to use dark garage door colors to showcase this contemporary style trend!

Gray garage doors

Gray garage doors are giving today’s homes more updated looks which modernizes most homes; no matter their architectural style. A dark color like charcoal gray is very popular on a home’s exterior. Gray colors complement almost all stone and siding, as well as most neutral exterior colors with cool undertones. Charcoal gray also pairs beautifully with ultra modern homes with large windows. This home looks great with an Amarr Classica Flush garage door featuring our newest flush panel design in charcoal gray.

Amarr flush classica flush panel garage door in charcoal gray
Amarr flush classica flush panel garage door in charcoal gray

An elegant Victorian architectural style often embraces dark colors. The Amarr Hillcrest Collection showcases uniquely designed garage doors to give any home a refreshed look.  This garage door with recessed panels in charcoal gray complements the dark gray alcove accent above the garage. This garage door style also ties the roofing and second-floor siding together, creating a lovely contrast with the white columns and window trim. Explore the most popular home architectural styles to help you choose the best garage door to fit your home.

Amarr single garage door with recessed panels and thames window inserts in charcoal gray
Amarr single garage door with recessed panels and thames window inserts in charcoal gray

Black garage doors

Black home exteriors, including garage doors, became popular with modern, contemporary home design. The stark and bold design sensibility of a jet black facade adds a monochromatic and strong visage to any home. Black garage doors have an air of undeniable sophistication, which is especially true in contrast to light colors. This home’s curb appeal is increased by a stylish black Amarr Olympus garage door with a short panel design. A traditional short panel garage door in black puts a new, unexpected twist on a classic!

Amarr Olympus steel garage door with windows in black
Amarr Olympus steel garage door with windows in black

This black, long panel garage door available in our Amarr Heritage Collection lends sleek lines and a clean, modern look. Homeowners can also customize their garage doors by adding a variety of window options to add a custom look to their home’s exterior.  With the  Amarr Mosaic Window Options, homeowners can design their garage doors to mirror the style of the front door or any other doors to complete their property aesthetic.

Amarr Heritage long panel steel garage door with mosaic windows in black
Amarr Heritage long panel steel garage door with mosaic windows in black

The Amarr Classica Collection offers a variety of dark colored garage doors to replace your old garage doors.  This black garage door with Bordeaux panel design stands out against this home’s stone exterior. The large Seine windows mimic the shape of the window to the left of the door, enhancing the overall look of the home as well.

Want to see what your home would look like with a bold gray or black garage door? Simply take a photo of the exterior of your garage door or doors and play with our design tool!

Amarr Classica Bordeaux garage door with seine windows in black
Amarr Classica Bordeaux garage door with seine windows in black

How to maintain your dark garage door

Now that you’ve selected your ideal garage door, it’s time to discuss some proper cleaning and care instructions. Darker doors, like charcoal gray and black, have some special considerations in regard to cleaning. 

Here’s how you can successfully restore your gray or black garage door:

  • Use a regular garden hose to wash off loose dirt, dust or salt that has collected on the surface of your door.
  • Never use a pressure washer to clean your dark garage door! An intense stream can damage steel or wood. Plus, pressure washing your door could void your warranty.
  • Dilute 1 cup of common household detergent, like Tide®, in 5 gallons of warm water.
  • Use a soft sponge or cloth to apply soap in a circular motion.
  • Rinse the door thoroughly with warm water until all the soap, dirt and debris are gone.
  • Wipe off any excess with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Apply a small amount of glass cleaner to any garage door windows.
  • Clean the weather stripping around the door with a general-purpose cleaner.

We recommend that you never wash your dark garage door in direct sunlight. While this may be less avoidable in warm, sunny climates, it’s still better to clean your garage door in the early morning or evening. 

Remember, your garage door is the largest non-insulated surface in your house, which means that it absorbs and traps heat. Dark garage doors are especially vulnerable to this, so a little extra attention to your washing schedule will prevent the door from breaking down the chemicals in your soap as you apply them. If you’ve ever noticed a chalky, or streaky residue on the surface of a garage door, the heat present at the time of washing is usually the culprit. 

When it comes to the installation, repair or maintenance of your gray or black garage door, we recommend you use one of our trusted Amarr partners. Garage door installation is an advanced project and can be extremely dangerous; any improper installation will void the product warranty. Even if you’ve recently installed a new garage door, inspecting the entirety of your system will see you save on repair and maintenance in the long run. 

While we recommend you perform regular inspections for your garage door system, it is always best to leave repairs and maintenance to licensed experts as well. To prolong the life of your new or revitalized dark garage door, enlist the help of technicians, installation specialists and Amarr-approved professionals. We’ll keep your garage door looking – and working – as good as new for years to come. 

And now that we’ve showcased the proper cleaning protocols, you’re able to help with that as well!

Trust Amarr for your garage door needs

Amarr has been providing expert garage door services since 1951. Over the years, we’ve learned the value of installing, cleaning and maintaining your garage door. While we may have seen a trend or two come and go, the timeless appeal of a dark garage door has improved the curb appeal of homes across the nation for over 70 years. If you’re looking to revitalize your home with one of our sleek, contemporary styles, consider a wood or steel door from Amarr.

By following the care instructions in this guide, your gray or black garage door will stay at its peak. Should your garage door system require significant repair – or if you’d like to freshen up its aesthetics or capabilities – contact a professional Amarr dealer near you. They can source the perfect dark garage door to help you take advantage of this ever growing trend.

However, if you are still in the shopping phase and want to know what a black or gray garage door would look like on your home, then use Amarr’s online design tool. Simply upload an image of your home with the garage door included and release your creativity!