New Style Garage Doors: Introducing the Northwoods Collection by Amarr

Jan 31, 2024

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Picture this: You’ve just purchased your dream house or are building something new to your perfectly envisioned specifications. Everything is just how you’d imagined, but something feels like it’s missing. The exterior of your new home is perfect, but the current garage door leaves something to be desired.

Well, plank-lovers rejoice! Amarr is excited to announce that a popular and long-requested garage door style is entering our roster of products.

Introducing the Amarr Northwoods overhead door: a sleek, sophisticated take on a plank garage door with modern flare and mid-century roots.

What’s more, we’re also thrilled to reveal Amarr’s new SlimLine garage door window — a style perfectly suited for the Northwoods Collection that compliments the printed horizontal plank style beautifully.

Here, we’re covering some of the standout features of the Northwoods, including design, construction and more.

Amarr Northwoods Modern Plank Garage Door

Whether you’re going for a craftsman-style home or something more contemporary, the Northwoods’ versatile aesthetic is suitable for a wide range of tastes.

Why Are Plank-Style Garage Doors So Popular?

Unlike most other garage door styles, plank doors are flat with no raised or debossed elements. This makes them more simplistic in appearance and perfect for complementing homes with intricate architectural design details.

On the other hand, modern homes designed with clean lines and muted colors can benefit from the contrast Northwoods offers against more neutral tones, allowing the garage door to become a statement piece on your home’s exterior.

Better yet, the printed wood grain, triple-layer steel design of Northwoods offers all the durability, insulation and security of a steel garage door with a welcome touch of design flair. Like all Amarr products, it’s the best of both worlds.

Northwoods Design and Construction

Northwoods offers the best of everything that you want in a residential garage door: security, insulation and aesthetic appeal.

The ribbed section’s printed horizontal plank design adds depth, texture and a touch of dimension and is an ideal match for modern, mid-century modern and traditional architectural styles.

Here are some of the features and design elements you can expect with Northwoods:

  • Multi-tone, digitally printed wood grain design that mimics the character and charm of natural wood beautifully.
  • Multiple window options, including traditional or mosaic placement.
  • SlimLine windows, our new window offering, complements the design of the Northwoods Modern Plank garage door nicely. Available in clear, frost, obscure and dark tint options, there’s a style for you that’s just meant to be. If you’re a fan of our other window offerings, don’t worry — our classic short- and long-panel windows are available for Northwoods, too.

Color options:

  • Cedar: A more traditional take on wood garage doors, the cedar colorway of Northwoods offers an earthy tone that’s equal parts rustic and modern, without the hassle, required care and price tag of real wood.
  • Aspen Gray: For a more contemporary twist, the Aspen Gray colorway will blend seamlessly with sleek and sophisticated home designs for owners who prefer a minimalist, monotone style.


  • The triple-layer construction of our Northwoods door offers enhanced insulation and security without compromising aesthetics. It’s built with heavy-duty exterior and interior steel, and environmentally safe polystyrene for a reliable, durable and low-maintenance garage door that’s extra quiet during operation.
  • Get durability, security, versatility and longevity with the Northwoods while boosting the curb appeal of your home.



What Home Style is Northwoods Best Suited For?

Northwoods is versatile. Its horizontal printed plank design lends itself to styles where natural elements, simple materials and clean lines shine — and that covers a lot of ground! But the design possibilities don’t stop there.

Here are a few design styles where Northwoods would stand out or blend in seamlessly with the rest of the home:

  • Craftsman: Characterized by clean lines, simple geometric shapes and natural materials, the printed plank design of the Northwoods is right at home on a craftsman-style house.
  • Contemporary: Symmetry and sleekness shine through on most contemporary homes, and the Northwoods create a contrast that’s both welcome and tasteful.
  • Mid-century modern (MCM): We’d be remiss to leave MCM off this list. The minimalism, softness and personality often attributed to MCM design speak almost too perfectly to Northwoods with its flush panel and wood-like finish.
  • Cottage: Earthy tones and natural materials are what cozy cottage-core design is all about. Northwoods offers the perfect blend of both while mixing in modern appeal to accent your contemporary cottage easily.

These are just a few examples of how you could incorporate Northwoods into your current home or new build. The flush panel design and two available color options make mixing and matching Northwoods with a myriad of styles an easy task.

Get Started Designing Today!  

Amarr’s ever-expanding catalog of garage doors is always evolving to offer modern garage doors and even doors with historical charm. No matter your design preferences or taste, we’ve got garage door styles to suit. Looking for design inspiration? Check out our photo gallery collection to see how Amarr garage doors look on all kinds of house styles.

Ready to see if the new Northwoods garage door is the right fit for your home? Start designing today to see what options you would choose!