The Scoop on Custom Garage Doors

Apr 15, 2023

Garage Doors

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Generic garage doors are a safe option that almost everyone on your block probably has. Instead of fitting in, you can customize your new garage door to fit your style, blend your home aesthetic or improve your home’s value.

Here is everything you need to know about customizing your garage door and showcasing your personal style.

Custom Garage Door Styles

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to focus on other parts of their home before considering their garage door. Maybe you just redid your windows, painted the exterior and trimmed up on the hedges. Since the garage is typically the largest door to your home, that also means it’s a major focal point for the exterior.

Personalizing your garage door to fit your home’s architecture will not only enhance your curb appeal even more but give your home that last needed upgrade to make it really pop.

After owning your home for a while, you may notice nicks, dents and system malfunctions in your garage door that needs to be addressed. Let your creative style flow with your own personalization with these garage door styles:

Traditional Garage Door

If you’re looking for something completely timeless and classic, a traditional garage door could do the trick.

Sectional door installation is straightforward and can still offer you some unique design options such as short or long-panel designs. At Amarr, you can pick out the color you want and the window styles for a look that is truly yours.

Carriage Garage Door

A carriage garage door offers a unique style all on its own. Add a country-style touch to your home with a Classica or Carriage Court garage door. This is a sectional door that appears to have two swinging doors instead. It’s a call to when horse-drawn carriages were used, but now with an about 200 horsepower upgrade. These steel doors are low maintenance, look stylish and will last you a lifetime.

Glass Doors

Switch up your style and bring in the sunshine with glass garage doors. These offer a unique look and feel to your home that is unmatched by any other. You get natural light throughout your home without having to worry about losing any heat or cooling in the process. This insulated garage door includes glass panes that are tempered and we provide the option for tinting, frosting or modifying the window so you have as much privacy as you need.

Additionally, while most of our other custom door frames are made of steel, Vista and Horizon Collections are aluminum. This ensures the material is long-lasting and corrosion-resistant to further support the glass panes.

Modern Doors

Switch up your traditional doors with something a little more modern and personalized. Create contemporary garage doors with a wide variety of colors and window styles.

You can choose where the windows will appear on the door so you capture a truly interesting look that stands out from the crowd. With a modern garage door there’s no need to compromise.

Add Your Style with Amarr

There’s no need to stick to the status quo when it comes to your garage door. Our garage door dealers can safely install your new garage door, perform maintenance and even help you pick out the best style for your needs. If you have a question, Amarr dealers are always available for answers around insulation, service, installation and more.

Design your garage door today to see what a new custom garage door can do for the look of your home.