Shopping Glass Garage Doors? Here Are Some Tips To Follow!

Jul 15, 2023

Curb Appeal

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You can modernize your home with a sleek, open-concept glass garage door that offers more benefits and just as much privacy and safety as a traditional, sectional door.

Implementing a clean window design throughout your home’s exterior has certain benefits from adding natural light and creating dynamic spaces to energy efficiency and curb appeal. However, there may be some myths about glass garage doors still floating around and we’re here to help squash them. Here are tips on picking out and installing a glass garage door.

Why Glass Garage Doors Can Benefit Your Home

The glass garage door has become a trend among new homeowners. It offers an elegant appearance that looks incredible with a modern home design. But, you don’t have to have the sharp edges and steel exterior style often equated to modern design. With the right finishes and uses, a glass garage door can work with nearly any house aesthetic.

There are many benefits that extend beyond just the look of glass doors:

  • Natural light: A glass door allows the natural sun or moonlight to fill your home so you can cut down on artificial light from lamps or fluorescent overheads.
  • Dynamic spaces: With a garage door style that rolls up, you can introduce more indoor-outdoor areas to your home for a more open-concept room.
  • Energy efficiency: Along with cutting down on energy consumption, you’ll keep your home warm or cool with doors that are just as insulated as traditional steel garage doors.
  • Curb appeal: A contemporary design improves the allure of your home and could even raise its value.
  • Low maintenance: You can clean glass garage doors just as easily as any other window in your home with the added benefit of not needing to paint or fix dents.

Now that you know the benefits of these style doors, you may be wondering about the durability of a glass garage door.  Does it break as easily as a window pane or a mirror?  The answer is no; these doors are built and tested to withstand typical outdoor elements that standard garage doors experience..

These garage doors are incredibly durable because they use tempered glass and are just as resilient as steel or solid aluminum panels. Long-term maintenance for glass doors is fairly low as well because they don’t weather as quickly as wood.

With these benefits in mind, lets dig deeper into picking out a door design and glass garage door installation.Glass garage doors such as the Amarr Vista garage door pictured here can be used as walls for optimal versatility.

Types of Glass Garage Doors To Choose From

Choosing glass contemporary garage doors is made simple with our Design Your Garage Door online tool. It allows you to choose how many doors you want and the size of each. You can also snap a picture of your current garage entrance on your home so you can see what your new door may look like before you ever buy it.

As you continue to customize your contemporary glass door, you have a few options ahead of you:

  • How many window panes.
  • The length and size of each window.
  • Style of the door: Vista, Horizon or Classica Full View.
  • Border color around the aluminum frame panels.
  • Window design: the opaqueness of the window.

Vista, Horizon and Classica Full View door designs all include large glass options. The main difference is that the Vista and Horizon Collection are made of aluminum frames while the Classica Full View has a standard steel frame. Your Amarr garage door dealer can help you determine what type of construction and glass size would best meet your needs by bringing your ideas to life.

Light up your home all year long with glass garage doors from Amarr.

The great part about choosing glass garage doors is that you don’t have to compromise safety or privacy while getting the same benefits as with a traditional garage door. It’s insulated, safe, durable and offers privacy.

How much do glass garage doors cost?

Depending on the type of glass garage door you purchase, the cost can vary. Although they are typically more than traditional doors they take more effort to manufacture and last longer due to aluminum construction.

Why Partner With Amarr When Shopping for Your Glass Garage Doors?

Finding a trusted garage door technician that is knowledgeable about glass garage door designs can be challenging. However, with over 4,000 qualified Amarr dealers throughout the USA, these dealers can help you choose the right door that fits within your budget and meets all of your needs.

Not only can you buy garage doors from Amarr dealers but they can also perform proper installation and support service issues should they arise. Choosing an Amarr dealer for your garage door installation means avoiding any unnecessary accidents or mistakes. Professional technicians can help you install the door properly the first time, which will ensure your warranty and your door works properly and safely.

If you are ready to see what a new glass garage door would look like on your home, then Start Designing Today!

Design your new glass garage door in the comfort of your home.Design your new glass garage door in the comfort of your home.