Amarr Classica gets a Modern Twist

Jul 17, 2020

Garage Doors

1 minute read

Contemporary home design is a trend that has been picking up speed!  Many contemporary, modern homes feature an abundance of natural light and parallel lines.  If you’re looking to make your home’s façade look more contemporary, don’t leave out the garage door!

The Amarr Classica CL3000 Full View is a stunning garage door option that makes a contemporary statement on any home while providing the stylish yet low-maintenance design that the Amarr Classica is known for. 

Why choose an Amarr Classica Full View door?

  • Sophisticated, contemporary design that flatters many different home facades
  • Largest windows of any Amarr steel Full View door allowing an abundance of natural light into the garage
  • Sturdy, durable steel construction with polyurethane insulation between steel front and back panels for low-maintenance functionality with modern flair
  • Customization options including eight standard solid colors, three dual-directional woodgrain colors, over 700 approved Amarr Color Zone custom colors and a variety of single pane tempered or insulated glass options

What are you waiting for? Check out what your home would look like with an Amarr Classica Full View garage door by visiting the Amarr Door Designer!