Planning to Sell Your Home? Here’s How to Increase and Protect Home Value on a Budget

By Jeff Anttila

If you’ve been living in your home for a while, chances are a lot of little things go unnoticed. You may have begun to notice these things, like faded paint, chips in the tile, and the mildew on your home’s siding that has been building up over the years. Whether you live in a townhouse in Atlanta, GA and simply want to maintain the value of your home, or you live in a craftsman style home in Portland, OR and looking to spruce it up for resale, these are things even the most budget-conscious homeowner can address. To learn how to increase home value on a budget check out these top five home improvement projects that not only bring a return on your investment and appeal to potential buyers but will also add joy to your life.

1. Deep clean and declutter

Now is a great time to start going through your closets, storage areas, and everything else you own and begin eliminating things you no longer need. Not only does decluttering and deep cleaning help retain the value of your home, but it can also help reduce stress and anxiety in these uncertain times. Pay particular attention to your kitchen and bathrooms, as well as your living room as these are most often a home’s best selling points.

If you’re selling your home and already moved out, for less than $1,000, you can have professionals come in and deep clean your home. What that includes, exactly, will vary by company so be prepared with lots of questions. Make it clear that you don’t just want the range cleaned, you want it pulled out and the floor and wall cleaned underneath. What value does this bring to your home? According to a 2019 survey by HomeLight, deep cleaning can add as much as $4,000 to your home’s resale value. And you’ll have newfound joy every time you come home.

2. Paint inside and out

When selling your home, you want the prospective homebuyer to picture themselves living there. That’s not going to happen with your teenager’s black walls or your mother-in-law’s flowery wallpaper. Neither will faded and dirty paint make them feel at home. Painting the interior of your home in a neutral color requires a relatively small investment for what you’ll get in return, which is usually more interested homebuyers and hopefully more competing offers.

Painting the exterior of your home may cost a bit more, especially if you hire a professional, but the increase in curb appeal could sell your home faster. Does it need it? Take a walk outside and look around. Do you see any cracks or peeling? Has the color faded? If the answer is yes, the time to repaint is now.

3. Replace the garage door

While taking that walk outside, look at the garage door. They take a lot of abuse. How did it sound the last time you opened and closed it? Telltale dents from bike wrecks or flying balls go unnoticed after a while. Check the sweep, too. If blowing rains come under the door, chances are critters do, too and the sweep needs replacing. For less than $5,000, on average, you can reap an ROI of almost 95 percent when you replace it. Enhance your home’s character with windows or decorative panels and watch as the neighbors slow down to admire the improvement. 

4. Add a manufactured stone veneer

To really spruce things up, consider giving your home a stone veneer facelift. Manufactured stone pairs well with many home styles and gives it a rich feel. If you have vinyl siding, this upgrade is something to seriously consider. On average, you can cover 300-square-feet of the bottom third of your home’s street-facing facade for less than $10,000 and reap a whopping 96 percent ROI, according to Remodeling magazine’s 2020 Cost vs. Value Report.

Why would you want to spend money on an upgrade like stone veneer if you’re just selling your house anyways? If your home is competing with several other homes in your area that are also for sale and are similar in appearance, a stone veneer is a great way to draw attention to your listing over others in the area and could help you sell your home quicker and for more money.

5. Increase home value by upgrading your kitchen

If a total kitchen remodel or renovation isn’t in your budget, consider a few upgrades. Staying under $5,000, there are quite a number of things you can do. To create the popular farmhouse style, remove your upper cabinets and replace with open shelving and repaint the lower cabinets a creamy white. Replace the countertop, flooring, or all the appliances so they match. Or, add an island to a large space. No matter which project you choose to do in the heart of your home, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry gives it a Joy Score of 10 in their annual Remodeling Impact Report.

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Recap: Hottest New Amarr Products from IDA Expo 2020

The 2020 International Door Association Expo was held March 2-6 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Entrematic’s booth was filled with exciting new Amarr products, proving that Amarr continues to bring innovation to the market, with the focus this year on modern, contemporary looks that are in demand by consumers nationwide!  Couldn’t go?  We’ve rounded up the four hottest upcoming Amarr products shown at IDA Expo 2020.

A close-up shot of the Diamond Weave texture
  • Amarr Prism Diamond Weave Pattern

Arguably the hottest new Amarr product shown at IDA was the Amarr Prism door, a 2″ unique diamond weave pattern steel door. “The Amarr Prism door appears like a modern, flush door from a distance, but as you approach the door the Diamond Weave design creates more interest and uniqueness. In addition, the Diamond Weave embossment adds more strength and durability as compared to a smooth flush door and makes minor scratches less visible,” says Maura DelVecchio, Residential Product Manager. Offered as a 2″ polyurethane insulated door, the Diamond Weave design is available in 4 residential colors in the Amarr Prism collection and in 5 commercial colors in Amarr 2742. Projected availability Q3 2020

  • Smooth Flush Commercial Door

Fulfilling the need for contemporary styling with commercial applications, the new smooth flush panel option was a hit at the Entrematic IDA booth. This design has no embossment or shadow line, providing a clean, contemporary look to highlight modern architecture in commercial office buildings, retail establishments or high-tech apartments. Projected availability Q3 2020

  • Amarr Classica Flush Panel

The Amarr Classica door in Flush Panel, shown in the Entrematic IDA booth with Mosaic Window Options, is made with only three sections to create a wider span of flush panels. This results in an even sleeker, modern looking door. The Amarr Classica Flush panel door with Mosaic Window Options will be available to place in any standard position for a modern window look or a simulated Full View look. This door also provides a perfect base for dealer-made overlay doors. Projected availability Q4 2020

  • Bordeaux Color for Amarr Aluminum Full View and MultiView doors

Amarr debuted a new anodize color, Bordeaux, for Aluminum Full View (Amarr Vista VI1000 and Amarr 3552) and MultiView (Amarr Horizon HO1000 and Amarr 3582) residential and commercial doors.  This wine red color adds another beautiful and stylish option for the modern aluminum and glass doors. Projected availability Q3 2020

Entrematic partnered with Linear/Nortek Control to host an Amarr Dealer Appreciation Event during the IDA Expo at Squatter’s Pub. Thank you to the many Amarr dealers who joined us for this event!

To see more photos of the Entrematic booth and Dealer Appreciation Event, visit the Amarr Facebook page. See you at IDA EXPO 2021 in New Orleans!

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2020 Cost vs. Value Report: Garage Door Replacement Still Reigns Supreme

When preparing to sell a home or deciding on upgrades, return on investment is an important factor to consider. Get more bang for your buck with garage door replacement! Garage door replacement was named the #2 upscale remodeling project for return on investment by Remodeling Magazine, with a return on investment rate of over 94%!

The 2020 Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling magazine ranks garage door replacement as one of the top three home improvement projects with the highest percentage of cost recouped when the home is sold. Not only can you enjoy increased curb appeal with a brand new garage door, but you can rest easy knowing that your investment will pay you back during a home sale.

Maximize your remodeling budget and replace your garage door!

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Amarr Classica Garage Doors Upgrade Sisters’ Flip House

House flipping, a growing trend in real estate development, is the practice of purchasing a home, making repairs and improvements, and reselling it for a profit. House flipping is everywhere on television shows, in magazines and books, and online. When Ashley and Whitney, the Shanty2Chic sisters behind, decided to undertake their first house flipping project, they knew that they would have to put their self-taught carpentry and design skills to good use both inside and outside the home. The end result is a beautiful, spacious family home with rustic design elements.

Front facade of the Shanty2Chic flip house. Photo (c)

Amarr partnered with Shanty2Chic to provide two Amarr Classica CL3000 garage doors to increase the flip home’s curb appeal. The two Golden Oak Classica doors feature the Cortona panel design with large Thames windows and complement the golden wood accents in and around the house.

The garage doors complement the home perfectly. Photo (c)

Whitney says of the Amarr garage doors, “We knew we wanted to go with Amarr doors for this home.  We wanted the look of a wood door, but needed durability and low-maintenance.  We love the look of carriage house doors, and knew that the Classica line would meet all of those needs.  Not only does it look like real wood, it matches the cedar accents on the house so perfectly.  We were also able to add large windows at the top of the doors to allow a lot of natural light into the garage space.”

Before and after photos of the Shanty2Chic flip house. Photos (c)

“The garage door of a home is just as important as the front door!  It is one of the most visible and used doors into the home, and we are so pleased with the value these Amarr doors added to our house.”

The home recently sold. Both Whitney and Ashley state that they are “excited that a family now gets to enjoy it.”

For more information on the home’s renovation, visit

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One Brewing Company’s Open Community Feel with Aluminum Full View Doors

Quincy, known as Illinois’s “Gem City,” is located on the Mississippi River and has many much-loved, historic buildings in the downtown area. One building being remodeled by Josh and Tieraney Craig to revitalize downtown Quincy, Illinois is Quincy Brewing Company.

All photos (c) Quincy Brewing Company – Facebook

The idea for Quincy Brewing Company first came about eight years ago, but due to timing, it hasn’t come into fruition until recently. Josh has always had a passion for brewing and enjoys home brewing as a hobby. When the opportunity arose to make the dream of Quincy Brewing Company a reality, the Craigs were eager to fill a need in Quincy, as not many breweries are nearby the closest being about a half hour’s drive away.

Located on downtown Quincy’s 6th Street Promenade, the new home of Quincy Brewing Company will reflect the original style of the building and the open community feel of the area. Lots of the building parts are being repurposed, and the original columns on the façade have been revealed in the remodel as well. To mix the original style with modern characteristics, the Craigs chose Amarr aluminum full view doors for Quincy Brewing Company. Four Amarr 3550 doors in black anodize finish with gray tint glass are used throughout the building with one being used as a counter door that opens to the sidewalk on the Promenade. The doors will be operated by hand and lend to the community feel. “We’re all about that!” says Tieraney, adding that other businesses in the area also use aluminum full view doors to make the Promenade feel unified and “welcoming.”

Quincy Brewing Company “is our contribution to Quincy, to take something old and make it new again, and put love into it,” says Tieraney. Quincy Brewing Company’s official opening is scheduled for October 11, 2019. Visit to learn more.

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Amarr’s Patented Bottom Bracket Increases Garage Door Safety

Did you know that Amarr garage doors come with a safety bottom bracket with a patented design?

This safety bottom bracket is tamper-resistant, making it impossible to access and alter the red fasteners that hold the cable tension. “The safety bottom bracket also allows garage door technicians to remove the roller carrier and replace rollers without having to unwind the springs,” says Brandon Gentle, Applications Engineering Manager at Entrematic.

For even more garage door safety, Amarr garage doors also exceed the DASMA standard of a 2:1 safety factor for the load rating for any door with this safety bottom bracket installed. Brandon explains, “We use this on doors with 2″ track, which max out at 635 lbs.  The bracket pair is rated for a 750 pound door (rated for 375 pounds for each side).  The 2:1 safety factor means it was tested to over 1500 pounds for the pair without failure.”

Increased safety is just one Amarr Advantage learn about the other advantages here!

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Hybrid Door Solution Provides Views, Energy Efficiency for Remodeled Fire Station

Adams County Fire Rescue’s (ACFR) Washington Street station in Denver, Colo. was in need of a major upgrade.  Luckily, ACFR was about to undergo an extensive and adaptive reuse project.  The station’s 25-year-old doors were showing wear and tear.  The aging doors had small windows and very low R-value, resulting in cold bays that took a lot of energy to heat.  It was a perfect opportunity to find a new sectional door solution for the building hybrid Amarr 2742 steel sectional doors with a 19.4 R-Value with two Aluminum Full View sections in each door. 

The result of the remodel was a modern-looking, state-of-the-art combination station and administrative center, and the Amarr commercial doors played a big part in the improvements.

Unobstructed Views

The old doors of the fire station had small, oblong windows that made it difficult to see vehicles and activity both inside and outside the bay.  The new hybrid doors feature aluminum and glass full view panels.  These panels provide unobstructed views in and out, increasing visibility and safety.  They also allow more light to flow into the bays an important architectural point for the building.

Increased R-Value

With an R-Value of 19.4, the Amarr 2742 doors provide excellent energy efficiency.  The doors are 2″ thick, constructed with a thermal break and use foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation creating a strong monolithic panel.  The bays now heat up much faster, reducing the need for radiant heaters and allowing less energy use.

A Brand New Look

Before the remodel, the exterior of the station was looking dated.  The remodel brought the building into the 21st century with clean, modern lines while still maintaining a nod to the old red façade.  The bay doors feature a stucco-embossed finish in Commercial Gray which flow nicely with the overall building design.

To learn more about ACFR, visit our case study page!

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Here are the Seven Hottest Amarr Products from IDA Expo 2019

The International Door Association (IDA) Expo 2019 was held March 15-16 in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the Entrematic booth was packed with exciting Amarr products!  Here’s our product roundup of the seven hottest Amarr products from the Entrematic booth:

1. Amarr commercial polyurethane insulated steel doors
Now available in five section thicknesses, there is an Amarr commercial polyurethane door to meet various energy efficiency demands in today’s marketplace.

Product Highlights:

  • 5 section thicknesses: new 1″, 1-3/8″, 1-5/8″, 2″ and new 3″
  • The Amarr 2747 versatile replacement section is compatible with competitive shiplap profile sections
  • The new Air Infiltration sealing in most models meet the building energy efficiency standards: ASHRAE 90.1, IECC® 2015 and CA Title 24 2016

2. Quiet Door option
Tired of the loud sound of your garage door going up and down? The new Quiet Door hardware option is a perfect upgrade for a new or existing door. Check out the difference in our video.

Product Highlights:

  • Reduces door operation noise by up to 38% – the same noise reduction as going from the sound of a vacuum cleaner to the sound of a running shower
  • The Quiet Door option can be put on already-installed doors perfect for upgrading existing doors

3. Amarr Color Zone
Available for both residential and commercial steel doors, let your inner designer shine by customizing the color of your new Amarr door!

Product Highlights:

  • Choose from over 600 factory-applied Sherwin-Williams SnapDry™ paint colors
  • Paint is resistant to dirt, fingerprints and weathering
  • Available on all steel Amarr residential and commercial doors, except Amarr Carriage Court

4. Frost and Dark Tint glass options
We’ve expanded our residential glass offering with these two new glass options. Frost, shown above left, and Dark Tint, shown above right, are both popular in contemporary home design.

Product Highlights:

  • Available on all collections except Amarr Carriage Court
  • Increase privacy while still letting natural light into your garage

5. Mosaic window options
Add visual interest to your modern or contemporary-style home with Mosaic window options on your Amarr garage door!

Product Highlights:

  • Available in short or long panel windows
  • Available in Clear, Obscure, Frost or Dark Tint glass options
  • Place a window in any standard position on any section of an Amarr traditional steel door

6. Charcoal Gray
Following the trend of dark colors in home exterior design, Charcoal Gray is a sophisticated and dramatic color option for the garage door.

Product Highlights:

  • Now available in Amarr Classica, Lincoln, and Hillcrest residential garage door collections

7. Amarr Residential Garage Door Openers
The Amarr 860 and Amarr 840 Smart Wi-Fi Residential Garage Door Openers shone bright at IDA and not just because of the LED lighting!

Product Highlights:

  • 3000 lumens of LED workspace lighting
  • Quiet operation
  • Smartphone control through the Entrematic app
  • Geofencing options through GPS location services
  • Voice control via smart home speakers
  • New, lower pricing available April 1, 2019

Entrematic and Linear/Nortek Control hosted an Amarr Dealer Appreciation Event during the IDA EXPO at Tin Roof in downtown Indianapolis. Thank you to all of the 130+ dealers for joining us for our event!

For more photos of the Entrematic booth and Dealer Appreciation Event, visit us on Facebook. See you next year in Salt Lake City at IDA EXPO 2020!

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2019 Cost vs. Value Report: Garage Door Replacement Still #1

Trying to decide on a remodeling project, but want something that will give you the biggest return on investment when selling your home? Consider a new garage door! For the fourth year in a row, Remodeling Magazine has named garage door replacement the #1 upscale remodeling project for return on investment, meaning you can recoup an average of over 97% of your investment cost when you sell your home. So, not only will a new garage door increase your home’s curb appeal while you’re living there, but it will also pay you back during a home sale!

Amarr Color Zone Residential Garage Door

The 2019 Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling magazine ranks garage door replacement as the top home improvement projects with the highest percentage of cost recouped when the home is sold.

To get the most out of your home remodeling, get a new garage door!

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Full View Doors Give Open-Air Solutions to Trendy Apartment Complex

Dylan Apartments - Denver, CO

Revitalization of former industrial areas is a huge trend in real estate development. The River North (RiNo) district of Denver, Colorado is no exception and the area’s revitalization efforts gracefully tread the fine line between trendy and historical, becoming an arts and culture center while maintaining RiNo’s gritty heritage. Dylan mid-rise luxury apartment complex fits in perfectly and has become one of Denver’s trendiest luxury apartment complexes, attracting a whole new generation of young suburban residents.

The challenge for the architects and interior designers was to create an open-air, full view operable wall solution between two different fitness and recreational spaces while maintaining the industrial design element so prevalent in the RiNo neighborhood. This challenge was met with Amarr® 3552 Heavy-Duty Aluminum Full View sectional doors with clear anodize finish and clear tempered glass.

Dylan Apartments - Denver, CO

Why glass?
Denver is known for its many sunny days each year. Open-air full views and an exterior design concept that incorporates glass panel windows are an appealing amenity in shared spaces and contribute to a visually striking exterior. The Amarr 3552 door pictured above is surrounded on three sides by glass panels, rather than traditional wood, steel or concrete block openings, making it both unique and eye-catching.

Dylan Apartments - Denver, CO

Transitional spaces
Dylan features an inviting, open space concept between its fitness center and pool deck area. The Amarr 3552 full view doors allow an easy transition between spaces for residents. Additionally, many popular fitness routines today use the concept of interval training, and the aluminum full view doors in this space allow people to easily use multiple spaces for the variations in their routines.

Dylan Apartments - Denver, CO

A great fit, inside and out
The Amarr 3552 doors featured in Dylan complement the industrial appearance of the neighborhood. The gym, pictured above, has a very functional gray-and-white design, and the full view doors are a perfect match for the design.

Dylan Apartments - Denver, CO

Dylan has helped set the tone for the RiNo revitalization project and helped breathe new life into the neighborhood, including a new era of residents from outlying suburbs. The Amarr 3552 full view doors help enhance Dylan’s already impressive amenities while complementing the industrial look and feel of the RiNo district. To learn more about Dylan, visit our case study page on!

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