5 Ideas for Garage Door Christmas Decorations

Dec 1, 2023


4 minute read

With the cold temperatures arriving and the season of magic in the air, it's that time to start decorating holiday decor; and what better place to start than with the largest opening to your home!

Garage doors make the perfect blank canvas for holiday-themed decorations that will help spread some Christmas cheer.

Here, we're unwrapping some fun, festive and fantastical garage door decor ideas to get you and your neighborhood in the holiday spirit.

5 Exciting Ways To Decorate Your Garage Door This Holiday Season

From premade covers to bows and Christmas garland, here are five ways to decorate for the festive season.

1. Christmas-Themed Garage Door Covers and Banners

For a headache-free way to decorate this holiday season, Christmas garage door banners are easy to set up and come in a variety of designs.

Traditional outdoor Christmas decorations aren't for everybody. Garage door banners make decorating the front of your home a breeze. Whether you want an image of Santa's sleigh and his reindeer or a magical snowman wishing everyone who passes a Merry Christmas, surely, there's a banner that suits your style just like this one which you can find easily on Amazon.

Photo and Item Provided by Amazon — Shop other fun banners here!

While every banner and garage door is different, the setup is generally pretty straightforward. Oftentimes, adhesive hooks, a step stool and your favorite Santa's helper are all you need to get the job done. Just be careful — and watch your fingers. Garage doors are heavy, so it's important to take necessary safety precautions.

2. Christmas Lights (Hung By the Garage Door With Care)

For a more traditional take on holiday decorating, you can't go wrong with string lights.

Let there be light this holiday season! If traditional string lights are a tired trend, consider purchasing smart LED lights and framing your garage door (and other parts of your home) with them. From there, customize the colors and even set up fun flashing patterns in reds, greens and blues to add another dimension to your holiday decorating this year.

Fun LED lights bring a festive touch to your home during the holidays and is a great time to upgrade an older garage door.

3. DIY Door Decorating

If you're up for a little creative challenge, there are tons of fun DIY ideas that can bring your garage door to life this season. While the simplicity and ease of a garage door banner or Christmas lights are appealing to some during this busy time of year, creating your own masterpiece is fun for the whole family.

After a quick trip to the store to gather your materials, you can transform your garage door into anything your heart desires. Here are a couple of ideas we like:

  • A giant Christmas present: Use wrapping paper and ribbons to cover your garage door, converting it into the largest present Santa could possibly deliver.
  • A gingerbread house: A holiday staple, gingerbread houses invite an utmost sense of creativity. Use fake snow, wreaths and other holiday decorations to transform your garage door into a welcoming (and delicious-looking) ginger home.

4. Simple and Festive

If you have more of an ornamental taste for holiday decorating, there are plenty of simple and festive ideas you can consider this season.

Adding string lights, Christmas wreaths, garlands and a few ornaments are often all you need to bring a warm and classic holiday aesthetic to your garage door.

Keep it clean and simple with garland, ornaments and lights.

5. Spread a Cheerful Message

Sending your neighbors and anyone who drives by your home a cheerful holiday message is sure to brighten their day.

For this decorating idea, use vinyl lettering to spell out a warm holiday message on your garage door. Hint: If your door is made out of steel, check your local craft store for Christmas magnets!

Stuck for ideas? You can never go wrong with wishing your neighbors a "Merry Christmas!" Or, "Happy holidays!"

But don't be afraid to get creative and send whatever message you see fit. Just remember, try your best to keep it short and sweet — you don't want to distract drivers on those slippery winter roads!

The Perfect Canvas For Your Holiday Decorations

The holidays are a great time to give your garage door a Christmas-y facelift (and to repurpose the space entirely if you need extra room), but your home deserves to look good year-round. If you don't like what you see underneath all of those decorations when it's time to take them down, find a garage door dealer near you to explore your options.