Amarr’s Patented Bottom Bracket Increases Garage Door Safety

Jun 28, 2019

Garage Door Safety

1 minute read

Did you know that Amarr garage doors come with a safety bottom bracket with a patented design?

This safety bottom bracket is tamper-resistant, making it impossible to access and alter the red fasteners that hold the cable tension. “The safety bottom bracket also allows garage door technicians to remove the roller carrier and replace rollers without having to unwind the springs,” says Brandon Gentle, Applications Engineering Manager at Entrematic.

For even more garage door safety, Amarr garage doors also exceed the DASMA standard of a 2:1 safety factor for the load rating for any door with this safety bottom bracket installed. Brandon explains, “We use this on doors with 2″ track, which max out at 635 lbs.  The bracket pair is rated for a 750 pound door (rated for 375 pounds for each side).  The 2:1 safety factor means it was tested to over 1500 pounds for the pair without failure.”

Increased safety is just one Amarr Advantage learn about the other advantages here!