Magnetic Clavos – Giving Garage Doors Rustic Charm

Jan 10, 2017

Garage Doors

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Garage doors aren’t merely functional these days they can be the style star of any home!  Curb appeal is incredibly important, and many homeowners are looking for ways to upgrade the look of their garage door.  Whether they opt for a woodgrain finish on their doors or choose an overlay or carriage house style, it’s becoming easier to dress up the garage door.  Thanks to the introduction of magnetic decorative hardware, enhancing the look of a steel garage door is both fast and non-permanent.

Rustic design can pack a huge punch with just a small item.  Take, for instance, the clavos.  Clavos, Spanish for “nail” or “spike,” is historically used as a decorative element on building exteriors, particularly doors, especially to complement ironworks.  These days, clavos give an authentic period appearance to any home.  Placed on and around door designs in creative ways, these unassuming pieces create antique drama.

Tasteful Tuscan mediterranean-exterior

Now, it’s easy to recreate this antique look for the garage door.  For homeowners that are looking for a beautiful, rustic look that won’t break the bank or take up valuable time, look no further than our NEW Magnetic Clavos!


The Magnetic Clavos are made of lightweight ABS vinyl and measure 1-3/4″ in diameter, large enough to add an easy accent to garage door designs.  They feature a textured finish with the look of hammered iron for an authentic rustic appearance.  Magnetic Clavos can be used in conjunction with any other decorative hardware.

Homeowners don’t have to worry about time-consuming measurements to get the exact desired look, or costly installation errors caused by drilling holes in the garage door.  They attach easily to steel garage doors with strong, rare-earth neodymium magnets, and can quickly be repositioned.  The magnets are also covered with a silicone backing, meaning the hardware is sturdily attached to the magnet.

Magnetic Clavos make the designs of Amarr carriage house garage doors even more distinct!

Magnetic Clavos make the designs of Amarr carriage house garage doors even more distinct!

Got your creative juices flowing?  Click here to design an Amarr garage door with Magnetic Clavos.  Or, want to add Magnetic Clavos to your existing garage door?  Find an Amarr dealer near you!