Garage Door Sizes and Creative Uses

Mar 31, 2023

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Some things have to be like the Goldilocks and Three Bears fairytale — just right. Before designing and installing your new garage door, you must first ensure you have the proper measurements and dimensions of your garage and garage door frame. Let's take a look at everything you need to know about garage door sizes, proper ways to measure for garage doors and how to let your creative juices flowing if you're thinking about fun ways to spruce up a space.  

One Size Doesn't Fit All When Looking at Garage Door Sizes

While there are standard styles and sizes for residential garage doors, the creative freedom of custom garage doors is expanding. Whether building a new home or looking for an upgrade, understanding common garage door sizes can give you a launching point for a personalized creation. Here are some standard garage door sizes based on the types of property or vehicle you may have.

Single-Car Garage

The single garage door can vary slightly in height. Typically the standard garage door size is between 7 feet to 8 feet high by 8 to 10 feet wide. This range largely depends on the structure of the home itself. These sizes are suitable for SUVs, cars, trucks and vans.

A single-car garage can offer you a chance to add your own personality to your home's exterior.

Multi-car Garages

You could choose to build a double garage door for two vehicles. A double door would require dimensions ranging between 7 to 8 feet high by 16 or 18 feet. You typically can fit taller cars in this space and use the additional room for storage or extra living space.

This double-car garage door looks incredible and can hold two vehicles or add extra storage space.

RV Garage Doors

An oversized garage door that would hold an RV or a larger vehicle would likely need a custom-built garage to accommodate the size of the vehicle. These doors should be 10 to 14 feet high and wide. In this case, a standard single car garage or double garage door size would not be enough. The garage space height and width would need to be the right garage door size to accommodate the additional size of the vehicle.

Combination Garage Doors

There's no rule that says you have to have either a double or a single garage door. You can create a combined door design that fits your needs and adds some uniqueness to your home. A double and single garage door for your home can help create more space to build an additional room with a garage door as one of the walls. This option will require two different garage door openers.

Combination garage doors offer a plethora of options for your home from storage, an extra room or a third car.

How to Properly Measure For Your Garage Door

It's important to get accurate measurements before purchasing a new garage door. It's not just about measuring the garage door opening, the door's height and width, or just the frame. You'll also need to take measurements of the inside of your garage, leaving room for an opener and the door for both opened and closed positions.

Here's how to get the measurements you need for an accurate purchase and installation process.

1: Door Width and Height of Opening

The first step is to take the door width and height of the garage to the closest inch. This will be the garage door size.

2: Sideroom

Next, measure the space to the left and right side of the garage door opening to the closest inch. This is where the vertical track will be. Most track systems require 3.5 inches, but some larger doors will need at least 5 inches of space.

3: Headroom

The headroom measurement will require the space between the top of the garage door and the garage ceiling. Most standard-sized garages will need about 12 inches of headroom, and openers will need an additional 3 inches of space on average. These two requirements add up to at least 15 inches of space.

4: Backroom

No, this is not the space you'll need to install your in-home speakeasy. The backroom measurement for your garage door is necessary to fit the garage door in an open position and the door opener. For this step, you'll need to measure from the front to the back of the garage or the first obstruction on the ceiling.  For a standard door, you'll need to cover the height of your garage door plus 18 inches for the opener, depending on its size. 

View our easy How to Measure Video if you have any questions.

How Do You Plan on Using Your Garage?

Whether you're renovating your garage to create more space, building a garage from scratch or replacing your old door, measurements matter. You don't want to purchase a garage door and have it arrive at your home only to realize that it's too large or small, not tall or wide enough. This can cause stress and frustration as you figure out your next step and how to budget for a new door.

Understanding how you use your garage will help determine how large of a door or how much space you'll need to accommodate your lifestyle.

For example, you might just want to separate rooms in your home with a garage door. In this case, the measurements will vary largely from a sectional garage door being used for a standard garage. If you need help deciding which door is best for your project, you can always contact an Amarr garage door professional to learn about the different products available as well as discuss the best garage door choice to fit within your desired budget when you are ready to buy.

Are You Building a New Garage?

If you bought your home with a garage, the size of your garage is already complete. However, if you are renovating your garage or even building a garage from scratch, you will need to consider a few points:

For questions regarding the best setup for your home needs, reach out to your local Amarr dealer to get started.

Get Creative When Thinking About Garage Door Styles and Uses

Want to get more creative with your garage door design? You can improve your curb appeal with a unique style and raise your home's value in the process.

One creative way to use garage doors is to switch out your French doors separating your atrium or screened-in porch with a glass garage door. You can invite natural light into your home and make a room feel bigger with this change. Garage doors are weather-resistant and energy efficient, and you can customize the types of glass and material to match your home's decor adding an even bigger benefit.

Customize Your Studio Apartment

Perhaps you've purchased a ground-floor studio apartment and you have a large open-concept space idea that you'd love to bring to life. A garage door can introduce an industrial style that can create rooms and bring the outside in with garage doors. Plus they are completely customizable and unique to fit your very own style.

Use garage doors as a wall to separate the outside from the inside room to add that wow factor.

Add a Fun Garage Door to Your Workspace Building

Garage doors are replacing traditional front doors when it comes to workspaces outside of the home.  If you have a small guest house you are thinking about converting into a workspace, a sturdy, steel garage door could make the most sense.  A garage door in place of a standard residential front door could offer more opportunities for expansion at a lower cost, allow you to move furniture in without hassle and so much more. Windows in the sectional door can also give you natural light, while a properly installed door offers a safe space to protect your newest project from pests and harsh weather conditions.

What About a Band Room in Your Garage?

Of course, a two-car or single-car garage door design allows for tons of creative ways to use your garage, but have you ever thought about using it as a band room? You can easily use one side of the garage as an entrance and the other for parking cars. You may even want to add an additional room within the garage to give you a quieter space to work or as a private space for a renter. The key is to make sure you choose the right garage door that will help dampen noise from instruments should your creative juices lead you in this direction.

Amarr offers a wide selection of garage doors and openers to help bring your vision to life.

Trust an Amarr Garage Door Dealer

Amarr has been a trusted name in the garage door business since 1951.  We offer a wide variety of sizes to fit almost any garage door need.  When you are ready for a new garage door, a local Amarr dealer will come take your exact measurements to ensure your door will fit properly while also completing installation when the time comes. 

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact your local Amarr dealer today.