The Cost of New Garage Door Installation

Apr 7, 2023

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Are you planning to sell your home, or looking to increase its value?  New garage doors could be just what you need!  In addition to increasing a property’s curb appeal, garage door replacement ranks in the top home improvement projects providing the 2nd highest return on investment to homeowners.

The 2023 Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling magazine ranks many different home improvement projects by the percentage of cost recouped when the home is sold. The 2023 report lists garage door replacement as the number two return on investment for your property. With a national average spend of $4,302 and a resale value of $4,418, garage door replacement projects recoup 102.7% of costs. 

A “first impression” is a big motivator for potential home buyers; a new garage door is indicative of the overall condition of the property they’re purchasing. This article will examine how Amarr can replace your garage door to improve the value of your home.

Curb appeal is important, but also consider return on investment when deciding between remodeling projects. Garage door replacement gives you both!
Curb appeal is important, but also consider return on investment when deciding between remodeling projects. Garage door replacement gives you both!

4 Ways to know when it’s time for a new garage door

Garage doors can last several years without needing replacing if properly maintained. However, once your garage door is around fifteen years old, repairs on older models often cost more than simply installing new ones. The limited availability of parts, as well as incompatibility with updated garage door opener mechanisms and designs, often exposes your repair project to costly retrofitting and renovation. 

Additionally, new garage doors are often quieter, more efficient and a significant aesthetic overhaul for your property. The older your garage door is, the more visually impactful a replacement may be. 

There are some obvious signs that your garage door is nearing the end of its lifecycle. Here are some common indicators that it’s time to replace your overhead door:

  • Loose or bent hinges: If the edges of your metal hinge are bent, frayed or warped, there’s a good chance that you’re going to have loose screws, or that the hinge will eventually break. Sometimes the hinge will begin to damage the door itself. If you have a wood garage door, cracks or splinters are early indicators of misalignment and damage that will only become worse over time.
  • Worn overhead garage door springs: The speed of your door system can be negatively affected by a worn garage door spring. If your door jerks or shudders along the track, the spring could be harming the travel path. Effective garage door repair considers all elements of your system, and will replace any worn parts or defective elements.
  • If your garage door gets stuck a few inches from the bottom: Damage to the tracks or a misalignment issue commonly results in a door that won’t completely close. Your tracks or cables could also be causing the fault in your door’s travel path. 
  • Damaged or worn weather stripping: The R-Value of your garage door determines the level of thermal resistance to heat flow, and indicates its energy efficiency. Your garage door represents the largest exterior opening to your home – a high R-Value is an important cost-saving measure that is affected by the quality of your weather stripping. Over time, your garage door weather stripping will become cracked and brittle, eroding the energy bill cost savings it should provide. Weather stripping on insulated doors also keeps the elements out – eroded pieces may fall off entirely and allow water and debris to seep through.

When it comes to calculating garage door costs, keep in mind that repair issues will continue to factor into a renovated garage door over time. New and properly insulated garage doors save on maintenance, and offer the greatest visual impact for your home. 

What goes into new garage door installation

According to the Bob Vila website, the national average garage door replacement cost is $1,157. An estimate from a garage door company will likely factor in labor, parts and supplies, as well as the disposal of your old door. Updating a manual garage door to an automatic unit incur extra cost but adds significant value to your property. Whether you choose a wood or steel garage door will impact your cost slightly as well.

Popular Carriage House garage doors incorporate decorative window insert options such as the Trellis design.

An example of a midrange garage door replacement would be a brand new uninsulated Amarr Carriage House or Amarr Lincoln LI1000 garage door.  Based on national averages, the average job cost of a midrange garage door replacement is $1,749, and the resale value is $1,345.  This means a homeowner would recoup 76.9% of the cost, ranking midrange garage door replacement as the fifth-highest return on investment.

The Amarr Classica CL3000 garage door is not only attractive; it’s also a great investment for any home!

An example of an upscale garage door replacement would be a brand new 16’x7′ triple-layer insulated Amarr Classica CL3000 garage door with insulated glass windows and a lifetime warranty.  Again, using national averages, the job cost for this type of door is about $3,304, and the resale value is $2,810.  The homeowner would recoup 85% of the cost, one of the highest return on investment in the upscale projects category!

When do you know it’s time to install new garage doors?

When it comes to deciding the best option for your garage door renovation project, the first step is to determine the age of your existing door and opener. Remember, anything around fifteen years or older could be hard to source replacement parts for, and older doors tend to be less efficient. 

Newer doors with minor cosmetic damages could easily be fixed – but older units may have hidden cost factors. Track issues produce excessive noise and shudder when closing or opening. In these situations, you’re likely going to get more bang for your buck with the replacement option. 

While installing a new garage door incurs a cost, you’ll save in the long run, thanks to increased curb appeal that drives value for your property higher, as well as the energy savings a new door system can provide over time. Installing an insulated garage door with fresh weather stripping will ensure you’re giving your home the most energy efficient option.

Once you’ve made your decision, it’s time to select the material, style and design of your new garage door. Whether you choose steel doors or aluminum doors, the options and design elements offer a number of possibilities for your project. Popular styles such as traditional, carriage house or modern allow you the versatility to change the exterior style of your home. 

A modern garage door, for example, can alter the architectural influence of your entire property! By offering a fresh perspective on the lines and angles that comprise your home, a sleek new garage door can fundamentally change the visual impact of your property. If you’re looking to sell, freshening the appearance of your home’s exterior facade can create a lasting first impression.

With this in mind, have you chosen the look and feel you want to bring to your home? 

The final step is selecting the professional installation service that can bring your ideal garage door look to life!

Amarr has the best garage door for your home

While we appreciate the do-it-yourself mentality, when it comes to guaranteeing the proper installation of your new garage door, it’s always best to leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. Garage door installation is an advanced project that can be extremely dangerous. Homeowners run the risk of voiding the warranty of their new garage door if the installation isn’t handled properly – so trusting the completion of your project to a trained garage door technician is always the best course of action. 

Amarr is proud to partner with a number of dealers in your area.  A sectional garage door requires certain installation techniques to meet safety standards and ensure proper functioning.   

There’s more to configuring your door opener and aligning your new garage door than simply hanging them up. Your garage door installation cost will cover all of these hidden elements, as well as the disposal of your old door if necessary.  It doesn’t matter if you have a single entry or multiple car entries — your garage door installer will have the know-how to fit your space’s needs and insulation demands.

Regardless of your preferred garage door material or style, Amarr dealers can support all your garage door installation needs.  

We’ll leave the design expertise to you, and you can trust the installation to a professional. With over 4,000+ garage door dealers throughout North America, there’s a trusted overhead door company expert near you. Contact an Amarr dealer to get started on the home improvement project with the second highest return on investment today.