Enhance Your Garage Door with Magnetic Hardware

Mar 7, 2016

Garage Doors

2 minute read

If you’re looking for a no-hassle way to enhance the look of your garage door, look no further than magnetic hardware.


The magnetic hardware on this Amarr Classica collection garage door gives the look of a real carriage house door.

Magnetic hardware looks great on both traditional and carriage house designs.  Carriage house garage doors are becoming increasingly popular, accounting for more than 35% of all new garage door sales.  Homeowners enjoy the style and authentic carriage house look, like the garage doors in the Amarr Classica collection.  You can also use magnetic hardware to increase the curb appeal of traditional garage doors, as shown in our video below:

Decorative hardware takes curb appeal to the next level, providing a visual illusion consistent with the original carriage house door that swung open from the middle.  Traditional, non-magnetic decorative hardware, however, can be a lot of work during the garage door installation process.  Installers must be very precise during placement, which increases the time taken to complete the installation.  Additionally, traditional decorative hardware must be attached to the door by drilling holes in your garage door!

Entrematic offers magnetic hardware by Cre8tive Hardware for Amarr steel garage doors.  Made with strong neodymium magnets, placement is easily altered and won’t damage your garage door.  Installation is quick and easy simply place the magnetic hardware on your garage door in the desired location!  You can visually see the hardware on your garage door before making a final decision.  The smooth ABS plastic stands the test of time and won’t flake, rust, corrode, or become discolored.

Choose from classic Castle Rock or NEW Maple Creek magnetic hardware!  Castle Rock magnetic hardware features a smooth finish with an elegant curved design.  The new Maple Creek magnetic hardware offers an old-world, hammered iron look with a textured finish.


New Maple Creek magnetic hardware (top) and Castle Rock magnetic hardware (bottom).

Which set of magnetic hardware would you like to see on your garage door?  Let us know in the comments below!