Transform Your Garage into an Extension of Your Home’s Living Space

Have you ever pictured your garage as an art studio? A fitness room? A home office?

If you’re in need of some extra room and are stumped for ideas, try imagining your garage as an extension of your home’s living space. The options are endless, but make sure to take the following into consideration:

Insulation: Insulation is very important if you plan to spend a lot of time in your garage. A garage door with little or no insulation will cause the temperature to fluctuate to extremes as the weather warms and cools. An insulated door will better stabilize the temperature and keep it more comfortable.

Lighting: Your personal preferences and how you plan to use your space will determine the best type of lighting to install. If you want to use the space as an office or workshop, bright, crisp overhead lighting maybe be best.  If you want the space to have a more relaxed feel, softer, dimmer light fixtures or lamps may be more suitable.

Flooring: Most garages have cold, concrete flooring that is not ideal for most situations. If you plan to use the space for purposes other than parking your car or storing excess clutter, you may want to consider installing carpet, rugs, or even hardwood flooring. Take into consideration how often you will be using the space and what flooring option would be most ideal.

Organization: If you have grand ideas of how to use your garage but find your space is limited because of clutter, you may want to consider garage organization and storage solutions. Hanging cabinets and shelves and installing ceiling storage units can be great ways to free up floor space.


The garage can be more than just a space to store your car or excess clutter: It can be an extension of your home’s living space!

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  1. Toby Crane says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. I have been having major problems with our garage doors but luckily near Chandler, AZ there is lots of service for this type of thing.

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