Garage Door Service Questions Answered

Jun 16, 2023

Garage Door Safety

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Your garage door maintenance is just as important as taking care of your lawn, your plumbing and electricity. Repair and maintenance are necessary to keep your home, possessions and loved ones safe. Imagine needing to leave for work and your garage door refuses to open. Or as you back out of your garage, the door suddenly closes on your car. These and many other issues could arise if you do not maintain your garage door's functionality.

Here's what you need to know about garage door repair services to ensure all is working properly. 

Garage Door Repair Services

Garage doors need maintenance and servicing just like every other household machine. Because it acts as a barrier to the outdoors, debris, critters and weather conditions, your doors need to be secured and solid. It's important to keep up with not only the actual garage doors, but the parts as well including the track and cables.

Here are a few signs of potential problems to keep an eye on to know when your doors may need servicing:

  • Opening or closing the garage is louder than normal.
  • Gunk on the tracks, opener, lift cables or hinges.
  • Rust on any metal components of the door.
  • Clanking or rickety sounds are heard as the door operates.
  • A brittle or worn weather seal.
  • The light in the opener flickers or goes out completely.
  • Dirt build-up on the garage door.

While some of these you could fix on your own, you should reach out to your local Amarr dealer for professional assistance. Cleaning or fixing a lightbulb is one thing, but when it comes to a garage door tune-up, you should call in the experts.

Repair Services Can be Simple or More Complicated

Professionally trained technicians will come by your home and inspect all the working parts of your door system. They'll look closely at the joints and moving parts for any cracks, rust, wear and tear to create an estimation for repair service.

Amarr dealers are trained professionals who can help you determine how to best handle your issue. Amarr dealers are trained professionals who can help you determine how to best handle your issue.

Structural damages like replacing damaged sections will require garage door repair. Your technician will let you know if the door just needs a repair or if a full replacement and garage door installation is necessary. The cost differences between repair and replacement vary by complexity and a dealer will be able to help you make the best decision about which option is better.

Installation Services

Installation by Amarr garage door repair service professionals is quick, straight forward and offers you a properly functioning garage door. All you need to do is explore the type of custom door you want and then reach out to your local Amarr dealer to start the process. If you're not familiar with customizing your new door, a professional can walk you through the steps.

When your door is showing signs of serious rust, holes or other deterioration, you should call an Amarr dealer immediately for an assessment and possible full replacement. An older wood garage door, for example, could be splintering, running up energy costs for your home and be a highway for unwanted pests after long years of use. Trusted dealers can help you pick out a new garage door and pair it with modern garage door opener models to fit your needs.

Where Can you Find Advice and Guidance for Garage Door Service?

Extending the life of your garage door is a simple way to ensure repair and replacement costs remain at a minimum. Here are four ways to extend your garage door's life to avoid needing major garage door services:

  • Read your owner's manual: You'll know exactly what to look for when you think your garage door needs servicing and what you can do on your own.
  • Lubricate: The nuts and bolts of your metal garage door need to remain properly lubricated throughout the year to ensure optimal performance.
  • Clean the door panels often: Although a clean garage door is aesthetically pleasing, dirt and grime build-up on the door can affect the rest of the operation as well.
  • Clear up the tracks: Even though the tracks are inside the garage, they can still collect dirt and debris. Regular cleaning can help ensure the rollers do not jump off the tracks,

Although maintenance is key, accidents happen along with wear and tear. In these inevitable events, this typically calls for a professional's touch. For more challenging garage door service needs, contact your local Amarr garage door dealer today!

To schedule a service for your garage door, contact a garage door dealer near you.To schedule a service for your garage door, contact a garage door dealer near you.