Fancy garage doors: Axolotl for Amarr

Jul 19, 2023

Garage Doors

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Are you looking for that one-of-a-kind garage door that no one else has? Or maybe you’re building your dream home and want that extra WOW factor with a designer garage door; then Amarr has the perfect solution.

The newest Axolotl for Amarr garage door collection gives you the flare and aesthetic you’ve been searching for with our fancy garage doors. Highly customizable with unique finishes, this collection offers distinctiveness paired with reliable construction.

Let’s explore the garage door styles and how to customize your door using these award-winning, sustainable, architectural surfaces.

How to Make a Statement with Axolotl for Amarr Fancy Garage Doors

Your garage door is typically the largest and more prominent design element of the outside of your home. While some choose to blend in with basic styles and simple colors, these doors are meant to stand out and be the focal point for all to admire. With finishes made from semi-precious metals and concrete, your new garage doors will have you being the talk of the town.

So where do you begin the design process of choosing your fancy garage doors?

Choose the Style that Exudes Your Personality

Whether you’re working with an architect or want to take on this design project yourself, choosing a garage door style is the best place to start the process. With five breathtaking fashions and multiple color options, your creative side can be unleashed to discover all the options available. Additionally, these doors are also available for use in commercial applications.

Doric: Inspired by the three orders of ancient Greek and Roman architecture, this style evokes strength and stability with sharp edges and pronounced vertical lines.

Axolotl for Amarr Doric in Anthra ZincAxolotl for Amarr Doric in Anthra Zinc

Cortex: Take the look of wood to a new level! The Cortex style reflects the alternating pattern of relatively darker and lighter wood grains while adding a twist with unique color applications.

Axolotl for Amarr Cortex in Bronze Black Florentine with Matching Door FinishAxolotl for Amarr Cortex in Bronze Black Florentine with Matching Door Finish

Lunar: If you’re more of an out-of-this-world visionary who drives inspiration from other worldly elements, then the Lunar design is for you. Made from layers of unconsolidated deposits and rocks, the Lunar style is unlike anything else on this planet.

Axolotl for Amarr Lunar with Metal FinishAxolotl for Amarr Lunar with Metal Finish

Smooth: Minimalistic design paired with top-of-the-line aesthetics, this style gives off the look of a satin finish perfect for any type of architecture.

Axolotl for Amarr Smooth in Sentinel CopperAxolotl for Amarr Smooth in Sentinel Copper

Cast: Straight from the forge comes the signature Axolotl cast metals style. Meant to emulate the special texture of metal when it is first cast with fire, this choice of style is too hot to handle.

Axolotl for Amarr Cast in Weathered SteelAxolotl for Amarr Cast in Weathered Steel

After exploring and determining which style of fancy garage doors best suits you, you’ll need to customize by choosing the size and color that best showcases the style of your doors.

Contact a Certified Amarr for Axolotl Dealer to Get Started!

Customize Your New Garage Door with Surface Options

Customizing your garage door can bring out elements around your home, office or business. It can complement colors already incorporated throughout exterior features such as front doors and entry gates as well.

Not only can customization add to the look of your home, but it can bring added monetary value. On average, you get back 102% return on investment (ROI) when adding new garage doors to your home, according to the Cost vs. Value report by Remodeling. So let’s take a look at how you can customize with color while paying yourself back in the long run!

Getting Customization Right

While shopping for fancy garage doors is fun, there are a few points to keep in mind to ensure you get the door of your dreams.

The first is understanding how the space will be used. Many choose to convert their garages for other purposes outside of vehicle storage; such as a workout room, building zone or storage. If you choose to make this space a part-time recreational area, you may consider a door with more durability and strength.

Secondly, how often do you plan on using the garage? Do you prefer to display your cars outside, keep them safe indoors or combine the two? Determining the use of the garage will help uncover the type of garage door you’ll need.

Finally, it’s important to choose the right surface option that’ll complement your home or business while not overpowering it! Since these fancy garage doors are like nothing ever before seen in North America, choosing the right style, color and functionality can be tricky.

To ensure you’re making the most informed choice, Amarr has enlisted trusted dealers who have to get Axolotl for Amarr training before advising homeowners and business proprietors. Contact a trained Axolotl for Amarr dealer today! 

Doors from Amarr by Axolotl can add an interesting flare to your designer home.Axolotl for Amarr garage doors can add an interesting flare to your designer home.

What Specialty Materials Are Right for Your Garage Door Design?

Not quite ready to take the next step? Then let’s show you what makes these fancy garage doors so uniquely different and exquisite.

Most garage doors are made of basic materials and have been for years. What makes these doors so profound is the craftsmanship behind them. Axolotl is able to take ordinary surfaces and transform them into extraordinary works of art.

So how do they do this and what are these materials exactly?


One of the more popular materials used is metal. Axolotl has developed a revolutionary technology where liquified semi-precious metals such as zinc, copper or bronze can be applied to surfaces. They are bonded to Amarr’s well-engineered aluminum garage door frame to bring these mesmerizing doors to life.

What’s more, metal finishes are recyclable and sustainable materials that, once they’re done, can be used again for a new purpose. Thus, not only are they gorgeously unique, but sustainable as well.


An industrial-style home deserves a concrete garage door, but isn’t concrete a heavy material? Actually, not when it’s used in this application. That is the beauty in the design and innovation of the materials being offered.

With unlimited potential for design quality, this otherwise construction material offers a surprisingly lightweight and sustainable alternative to the traditional garage door.

Axolotl Concrete has won tremendous accolades, including the Australian International Design Award, acceptance into the New York Material Connexion database and being showcased at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

There is more than meets the eye with this garage door material.


Neutral, natural colors bring about a sense of comfort and grounding. These terracotta-finished garage doors coalesce your home in a simply marvelous way. It involves a proprietary coating process to carry forth the material’s natural texture and color. It’s offered in a range of colors and feels more pure and raw than a wood garage door ever could.

No matter the style and finish you choose, it’ll beautify your home or business while amplifying your style like no one else in your community!

Now, we know you must be ready to contact a certified Axolotl for Amarr dealer to learn more. That’s the easy part.

Axolotl for Amarr Garage Door Specialists Do It All

Will our dealers be able to walk you through the selection process to ensure you get the fancy garage doors you want? Yes. An Amarr dealer can consult with you about finishes and processes.

Will your dealer know how to properly install these uniquely designed doors properly? Yes. They can’t be an Axolotl for Amarr dealer without getting our certification.

Your door will come safely packaged and ready for a professional Amarr dealer to install. After installation, an Amarr dealer is only a phone call away to perform maintenance, checkups, repairs or replacements.

Your new fancy garage doors are only a few clicks away. Contact a trained Axolotl for Amarr dealer today!