Amarr Encourages Team Members to Celebrate Diversity Month

Apr 4, 2022

Team Members

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Dr. Maya Angelou said it best, “We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color.”

This world has so many people from different walks of life with varying social and ethnic backgrounds. As an employer, Amarr strives to be a leader in the push to ensure ALL Team Members feel valued, appreciated and most of all, included. There’s more to being known as one of the best places to work. It’s more about why Team Members say it’s the best place they have ever worked. That is why this April, during diversity month, Amarr encourages our Team Members to celebrate diversity within our workplace and with friends and families in a number of ways.

6 Ways Amarr Encourages our Team Members to Celebrate Diversity Month

1. Celebrate Your Personal Diversity with Colleagues and Family. Take pride in who you are and where you come from by sharing empowering stories and memories. This can be done through simple phone calls or texts. Or take the reach further by sharing fun photos on Facebook or LinkedIn. We can always celebrate life more no matter if we are at work or at play.

Amarr garage door team members in Mocksville NC
Team Members at Amarr Mocksville Plant

2. Engage in Diversity Learning Opportunities. Now, more than ever, diversity and inclusion are driving forces throughout multiple organizations. From dedicated work place events to volunteer opportunities; the options are limitless. The beauty of volunteer opportunities is that diversity is not limited to our own physical traits, but other forms that we can embrace diversity through such as hobbies, cultural interests, work habits and more. Explore more about diversity and inclusion in volunteer organizations.

3. Support Minority and Women Owned Businesses. According to, there are now more than 4 million minority owned companies in the United States. With those numbers, think about how many different minority owned companies you could support. From buying your coffee from a small town cafe to supporting large scaled companies through growth of their social media presence. Supporting minority owned businesses is easy and vital to the growth of our society as a whole; ; see why here.

4. Attend Local or Virtual Cultural Events. With so much diversity and inclusion in this world, finding events to attend is easy. From community chats and forums to online Zoom calls, connecting to others locally and even across the globe is easier than ever with today’s technology. Or if you prefer the local vibe, partake in community events such as music festivals or art shows so you can encourage each other in person.

Cultural photo of woman with different paint colors on her.

5. Explore New Languages. When working alongside Team Members from all over the world, learning a new language can allow communication to flow more easily within departments. This cohesiveness also creates a successful, inclusive environment. No one says you have to be fluent. The point is the effort that you’re making to open up your mind and create a lasting connection within your team. Get the inside scoop on secrets to learning new languages.

6. Take Time to Recognize Diversity at School, Work and Within Our Communities. As a society in today’s world, we are fortunate to have endless channels we can use to communicate and share our thoughts and insights to make this a better place for us all to live and work. One leg of this journey includes supporting our schools and students in a more diverse way. Although we are not in the classroom ourselves, we can always share our ideas with leaders in the school system or at board meetings. The importance of diversity and cultural awareness in the classroom can be achieved by following these steps.

A diverse workplace is as equally important as diversity in our schools. In terms of age, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientations, gender, gender identity, and national origin brings diverse viewpoints and fresh perspectives to companies. With the creation of Amarr’s DEI Council, we are excited to embrace the fundamentals and vision of a successful DEI journey in our workplace. As part of our plan, we look forward to onboarding new Team Members who can find their place on our team while enjoying a happy work life balance at Amarr!

Amarr Team Members

Inclusion can also be extended to our communities and social aspects of our personal lives. Visiting new venues, listening to different music from other cultures and supporting varying religious events with friends are easy ways to support each other.

Amarr’s goal is to be a world-leading company that attracts diverse talent. We want all Team Members to feel safe while being able to be their true selves at the workplace. We want our Team Members to thrive in a work environment that promotes change, innovation and provides equal access and opportunity!