4 Ways the Amarr Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Openers Help Your Home

Aug 22, 2017

Garage Door Openers

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Amarr 840 & Amarr 860 Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Openers

Not all garage door openers are created equal!  A new garage door opener can do great things for not just your garage door, but your home as a whole.  The new Amarr Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Openers feature many benefits for your garage, home security, and smart home capabilities.  Let’s take a look at four of these benefits:

Amarr 860 Wi-Fi garage door opener with downward dispersing LED light


The days of a poorly lit garage are over.  The Amarr 840 & 860 smart Wi-Fi garage door openers bring workspace lighting into your garage.  Both openers boast bright LED lighting, with 1600 Lumens (100W) on the Amarr 840 and a whopping 3000 Lumens (200W) on the Amarr 860!  The Amarr 860 opener also provides a 24-foot wide diameter of downward-dispersing LED light that brightly illuminates the garage.

LED lighting saves energy and lasts over 100,000 hours.  Both Amarr openers allow you to adjust the LED lights to six different brightness levels, letting you select your preferred workspace light setting.  The Amarr 840 & 860 make your garage one of the most well-lit rooms in your house.

Amarr Wi-Fi opener quiet operation

Quiet but powerful

No one wants a noisy garage door.  The Amarr 840 & 860 openers are designed with sound dampening technology to keep noise vibration to a minimum.  The openers are also equipped with a powerful 800N DC motor, with smooth start & soft stop.  Available in chain or belt rail, the openers have intelligent, self-learning, self-adjusting torque settings to work just hard enough without using too much power.  The Amarr 840 & 860 also have a low-power standby mode to reduce energy consumption, making them a sustainable and energy-saving option for your home.

Entrematic Garage Door Controller app for Amarr 840 & 860

Smart control

The Amarr 840 & 860 garage door openers do more than work bright; they work smart.  Control your garage doors and lights from your smart device, from anywhere in the world with the Entrematic Garage Door Controller app!  You can also control access permission to relatives, friends, care providers or service workers, tracking their access activities in real time and removing their access at your will.

Amarr smart Wi-Fi garage door openers also connect to existing smart home technology to make your life even smarter.  The Amarr 840 & 860 are compatible with Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, Google Home, HomeLink and IFTTT.

Amarr garage door and garage door opener solution

Trusted name in garage doors

Amarr, a leading brand in garage doors, now brings the high quality and safety homeowners expect from garage doors to garage door openers.  Now you can have an Amarr door and opener solution for your home!  With safety features like infrared photo beams, down safety reversal, up safety stop, and emergency quick release, along with a lifetime motor warranty, you can feel confident in choosing Amarr garage doors and garage door openers.

There’s more to learn about the Amarr 840 & 860!  Visit our website for more information.

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