Amarr 3552 Full View Doors Take Office Building to the Next Level

Sep 28, 2018

Commercial Doors

2 minute read

The MOVE Office Building – Castle Rock, Colo. Photo (c) Nick Lucey

Natural ventilation and scenic panoramas aren’t always associated with office buildings.  The creators of the MOVE office building in Castle Rock, Colorado, however, wanted just that.  Completed mid-summer 2016, The MOVE is one of the only multi-story office buildings with Amarr Aluminum Full View Doors on the upper level floors.

The project goal for architects was to maximize air ventilation and light, two key components of LEED calculation.  The 16 creatively-positioned Amarr 3552 Aluminum Full View doors did just that.

Conducive Environment

The semi-arid climate and mostly sunny days in Castle Rock is perfect for opening up doors during the working hours.  The Amarr 3552 full view doors were purposefully positioned on the sides of the building that have the best views of the surrounding cityscape and rugged scenery.

Opening up Common Areas

A frequent strategy for utilizing interior aluminum full view garage doors is to maximize space in shared areas.  The MOVE’s several common areas, as well as smaller gathering areas and conference rooms, all feature an Amarr 3552 door.  Each door opening features a mesh screen barrier as a safety barrier, allowing employees and visitors of the local businesses to pull up a stool next to the wood plank bars that span each opening without fearing that any items on top of the bar (laptops, plates, coffee mugs, etc.) may slide forward and crash onto the sidewalks below.

Lots of Natural Lighting

The Amarr 3552 Aluminum Full View doors allow natural light to easily penetrate the office spaces whether the doors are open or closed.  The clear glass also allows interior lighting to shine through when the doors are open, keeping the spaces well lit throughout the day.

This innovative office building has enhanced the Castle Rock area, and even encouraged businesses to stay local rather than relocating.  The Amarr 3552 doors are one of the building’s several crown jewels.

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