4 Easy Ways to Secure Your Garage for Vacation

Secure your garage for vacation

For many of us, summertime means going on vacations!  Protecting your home from intruders is a crucial step in preparing for some time away.  Here are four easy steps you can take to secure your garage before you leave for vacation and give your family some peace of mind so you can enjoy some R&R.

#1:  Secure Your Garage Door Opener

A good place to start with security is on the inside.  Most homeowners don’t think about securing their garage door opener, but it is a great idea to protect your home while on vacation!  Many garage door openers have a “vacation mode” setting, which disables garage door remotes and prevents the garage door from being opened from the outside.  If your garage door opener does not have a “vacation mode” setting, an alternative is to unplug it.  Consult your owner’s manual first.

#2:  Lock Your Garage Door

Does your garage door have a lock?  If so, fastening it while on vacation is another way to add security to your garage.  Locks are not necessary if your garage door is operated by an electric opener.  If your opener is older, check to see if your door can be opened from the outside.  If so, installing a lock could be a good idea for extra home security and more peace of mind.  Find an Amarr dealer near you to learn more about your options.  Remember to disengage your lock before using the garage door opener.  Otherwise, your locked garage door and your operating garage door opener will result in significant damage to your garage door.

Secure your garage for vacation

#3:  Install Motion Lights Around Your Garage

Motion lights are a great way to discourage intruders.  Motion lights detect moving objects within a certain range and illuminate for a period of time when an object is detected.  The lights protect both your home and your neighborhood, as burglars and other intruders are less likely to approach a home with motion lights or a well-lit neighborhood.  Also, many types of motion lights allow you to turn the motion detector settings off, enabling you to use a switch to turn them on and off and giving you more flexibility of use while you’re at home.

Secure your garage for vacation

#4:  Invest in a Smart Garage Door Opener

Many homeowners are investing in items for “smart homes.”  A smart garage door opener is just another tool to help secure an additional entrance to your home.  For example, most smart garage door openers allow you to control and monitor your garage door and lights from your phone, from anywhere.  Some apps also let you allow others access to your garage these users, such as dog walkers or babysitters, can even be set to access your garage at certain times only.  A smart garage door opener gives you the most control over your garage and helps keep your home safe!

These tips can help you ease your worries about your home’s security, and let you have a happy vacation!

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7 Responses to 4 Easy Ways to Secure Your Garage for Vacation

  1. Thanks for the great tips to secure my garage door when we go on vacation. You make a great point that we need to use the locking tool on the garage door to make sure people aren’t able to open it. I’ll be sure to check if we have one and if not call a business that can come upgrade our garage as soon as possible.

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  3. Jeremy says:

    Lock all windows and doors or to use light timers. We could also ask our neighbors to park on our driveway so they will think someone is in the house.

  4. Tony Lewis says:

    Hi, thanks for the article. Weve had someone try to break in last week. We got an alarm and a chamberlain garage door opener with an app. Im also considering motion lights after reading this article, since our street is not that well lit. Is there any particular brand/type of motion lights you would recommend? Thanks

    • Amarr Garage Doors says:

      Hi Tony – because there are various different types of motion lights, your best bet would be to visit your local hardware or home improvement store to discuss your needs with a customer service representative.

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  6. Tim Yaotome says:

    I find it cool when you said that a person can have a lock installed on their garage door in order to secure the garage’s contents safely before heading on a vacation. Aside from this, one should also hire a local repair service to restore every component to its full health. Doing this will ensure that it will work properly even after returning from vacation.

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