Trend Alert: Gray and Black Garage Doors are Popping Up Everywhere

One of the latest home exterior design trends is utilizing dark garage door colors.  From charcoal grays to black, the designs are endless.  Dark colors provide a dynamic, refined look to a home’s architectural style.  The dark garage door colors grab attention while increasing curb appeal!  This trend also complements the modern industrial trend in home design.  Explore six ways to use dark garage door colors to showcase this trend!

Gray Garage Doors

Amarr Classica Charcoal Gray Garage Door

Dark colors like charcoal gray are very popular on home exteriors.  Dark gray colors complement almost all stone and siding, along with most neutral exterior colors with cool undertones.  Charcoal gray also works well with the currently popular rustic design trend.  This home looks great with an Amarr Classica collection garage door with Lucerne panel design in charcoal gray.

Amarr Oak Summit Charcoal Gray Garage Door

An elegant Victorian architectural style often includes dark colors.  The Amarr Hillcrest collection garage door with recessed panel design in charcoal gray complements the dark gray alcove accent above the garage.  This garage door style also ties together the the roofing and second-floor siding.  This look also creates a lovely contrasts with the white columns and window trim. Explore the most popular home architectural styles to help you choose the best garage door to fit your home.

Amarr Lincoln Charcoal Gray Garage Door

Charcoal gray plays well with other grays, too.  This home has several exterior features in different shades of gray from the dark gray roof to the soft gray stucco.  The Amarr Lincoln collection short panel garage door brings together all shades of gray perfectly.  

Black Garage Doors

Amarr Olympus Black Garage Door

Black home exterior elements, including garage doors, became popular with modern, contemporary home design.  The color black lends an air of sophistication to the exterior of a home.  This is especially true when being used to contrast light colors.  This home’s curb appeal is increased by a stylish black Amarr Olympus collection garage door with short panel design.  A traditional short panel garage door in black puts a new, unexpected twist on a classic!

Amarr Heritage Black Garage Door

The black, long panel Amarr Heritage collection garage door on this home creates sleek lines and a clean modern look.  With the  Amarr Mosaic Window Options, homeowners can design their garage doors to mirror the style of the front door or any other doors to complete the look of their home.

Amarr Classica Black Garage Door

An Amarr Classica collection black garage door with Bordeaux panel design stands out against the stone exterior of this home.  The large Seine windows mimic the shape of the window to the left of the door to enhance the overall look of the home as well.

Want to see what your home would look like with a trendy gray or black garage door?  Simply take a photo of the exterior of your garage door or doors and get ready to have some garage door designing fun! 

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8 Responses to Trend Alert: Gray and Black Garage Doors are Popping Up Everywhere

  1. Black and grey never go out of style, for any thing and garage doors really look attractive and smart in them.

  2. A combination of black and white may be one of the most sought-after colors. Monochrome, as this alloy is commonly called, will produce a combination of contrasts that seem oddly appropriate.

  3. Alan Lee says:

    Hi, I’m looking for the color code for Charcoal Gray to match my wood trims.
    Can you send the code to me? Thank you.

    • Amarr Garage Doors says:

      Hi Alan, Amarr paint colors are part of the Sherwin Williams National Database. A Sherwin Williams representative will be able to mix “Amarr Charcoal Gray” for you in-store. Thanks!

      • Linda Russell says:

        I have been to two Sherman Williams stores o try and get charcoal gray paint since Amarr will not send sample color chips ( call made on 4/13/19) and I could not obtain or even see samples in three different Lowes stores. One SW (Orange CA) store sold me sample they said was charcoal gray- seemed very light, so I went to another store (Irvine CA) to request the Amarr black- they told me they could not find the color code, and called the original SW store who told the clerk she had “made an educated guess” on the gray but had not informed me of this. Help!!No samples and no paint to even try to see what they true colors might be.

        • Amarr Garage Doors says:

          Hi Linda, so sorry to hear about the issues with these Sherwin Williams stores! Please call our customer service department at 800.503.DOOR.

  4. folding gate says:

    The black, long panel Amarr Heritage collection garage door is my favorite

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