Amarr Classica Garage Doors Upgrade Sisters’ Flip House

House flipping, a growing trend in real estate development, is the practice of purchasing a home, making repairs and improvements, and reselling it for a profit. House flipping is everywhere on television shows, in magazines and books, and online. When Ashley and Whitney, the Shanty2Chic sisters behind, decided to undertake their first house flipping project, they knew that they would have to put their self-taught carpentry and design skills to good use both inside and outside the home. The end result is a beautiful, spacious family home with rustic design elements.

Front facade of the Shanty2Chic flip house. Photo (c)

Amarr partnered with Shanty2Chic to provide two Amarr Classica CL3000 garage doors to increase the flip home’s curb appeal. The two Golden Oak Classica doors feature the Cortona panel design with large Thames windows and complement the golden wood accents in and around the house.

The garage doors complement the home perfectly. Photo (c)

Whitney says of the Amarr garage doors, “We knew we wanted to go with Amarr doors for this home.  We wanted the look of a wood door, but needed durability and low-maintenance.  We love the look of carriage house doors, and knew that the Classica line would meet all of those needs.  Not only does it look like real wood, it matches the cedar accents on the house so perfectly.  We were also able to add large windows at the top of the doors to allow a lot of natural light into the garage space.”

Before and after photos of the Shanty2Chic flip house. Photos (c)

“The garage door of a home is just as important as the front door!  It is one of the most visible and used doors into the home, and we are so pleased with the value these Amarr doors added to our house.”

The home recently sold. Both Whitney and Ashley state that they are “excited that a family now gets to enjoy it.”

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