Full View Doors Give Open-Air Solutions to Trendy Apartment Complex

Dylan Apartments - Denver, CO

Revitalization of former industrial areas is a huge trend in real estate development. The River North (RiNo) district of Denver, Colorado is no exception and the area’s revitalization efforts gracefully tread the fine line between trendy and historical, becoming an arts and culture center while maintaining RiNo’s gritty heritage. Dylan mid-rise luxury apartment complex fits in perfectly and has become one of Denver’s trendiest luxury apartment complexes, attracting a whole new generation of young suburban residents.

The challenge for the architects and interior designers was to create an open-air, full view operable wall solution between two different fitness and recreational spaces while maintaining the industrial design element so prevalent in the RiNo neighborhood. This challenge was met with Amarr® 3552 Heavy-Duty Aluminum Full View sectional doors with clear anodize finish and clear tempered glass.

Dylan Apartments - Denver, CO

Why glass?
Denver is known for its many sunny days each year. Open-air full views and an exterior design concept that incorporates glass panel windows are an appealing amenity in shared spaces and contribute to a visually striking exterior. The Amarr 3552 door pictured above is surrounded on three sides by glass panels, rather than traditional wood, steel or concrete block openings, making it both unique and eye-catching.

Dylan Apartments - Denver, CO

Transitional spaces
Dylan features an inviting, open space concept between its fitness center and pool deck area. The Amarr 3552 full view doors allow an easy transition between spaces for residents. Additionally, many popular fitness routines today use the concept of interval training, and the aluminum full view doors in this space allow people to easily use multiple spaces for the variations in their routines.

Dylan Apartments - Denver, CO

A great fit, inside and out
The Amarr 3552 doors featured in Dylan complement the industrial appearance of the neighborhood. The gym, pictured above, has a very functional gray-and-white design, and the full view doors are a perfect match for the design.

Dylan Apartments - Denver, CO

Dylan has helped set the tone for the RiNo revitalization project and helped breathe new life into the neighborhood, including a new era of residents from outlying suburbs. The Amarr 3552 full view doors help enhance Dylan’s already impressive amenities while complementing the industrial look and feel of the RiNo district. To learn more about Dylan, visit our case study page on Amarr.com!

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