Entrematic Mocksville Facility Hosts Safety Celebration

Last week, our manufacturing facility in Mocksville, North Carolina hosted a Safety Celebration to congratulate and thank employees for one full year without a lost-time safety accident!  Employees enjoyed a catered lunch and received gift bags.  Entrematic Executives also attended the celebration to personally thank our great employees in Mocksville.  Congratulations again to the Mocksville team!

The Mocksville team is proud of their safety record!

Thank you to our great employees in Mocksville for their commitment to safety.

The employees received gift bags as a thank you for their commitment to safety.

A catered lunch was provided to the Mocksville manufacturing team to celebrate their safety record.

Team Members enjoyed a catered lunch as part of the celebration.

Mocksville team members enjoyed a well-deserved lunch provided by management.

A great time was had by all at the Mocksville Safety Celebration!

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