4 Winterizing Tips for Your Garage Door


In many areas, the weather is getting colder, and it’s time to make sure homes are winterized.  Winterizing is all about preparation, so don’t forget the garage door in your winter checklist!  Take about an hour to make sure the garage and garage door are ready for winter weather (and any surprises Old Man Winter may bring) with these 4 garage door winterizing tips.

Check the weather stripping.
Weather stripping on the garage door seals out most of the wind, cold air, and precipitation from the garage.  Check the weather stripping around the door frame and at the bottom of the door to make sure it is not misshapen, cracked, or hardened.  If it is, call an Amarr garage door dealer near you for assistance.

Check the garage door cables.
Visually inspect the cables that attach the spring system to the bottom brackets on both sides of the door.  If the cables are worn and frayed, they could be in danger of breaking, which can cause injury.  Cold weather can increase this risk of breakage.  Do not attempt to repair or replace the cables yourself call an Amarr garage door dealer near you to come take a look.

Perform a garage door counterbalance test.
Checking the counterbalancing system of the garage door will make sure your springs are in working order.  Perform this test by pulling the red emergency cord on the electric garage door opener to disable the opener.  Next, carefully attempt to open the garage door from the inside.  If it’s difficult to open, call an Amarr dealer to identify the issue and fix it for you.  Click here to view a video that shows you how to safely perform this test.

Lubricate metal hardware.
The metal hardware parts of a garage door system are tough and hard-working, but these parts, including rollers, tracks, and springs, may need lubrication to keep them in tip-top shape.  Clean the metal parts with a dry cloth, then apply a moderate amount of oil-based lubricant.  Make sure the lubricant in use does not contain petroleum or silicone try to use a lubricant designed for garage doors and garage door parts.

Add these tips to your winterizing checklist to encompass your entire home and be prepared for winter weather.  If you need more help with your garage door, find an Amarr dealer near you.

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7 Responses to 4 Winterizing Tips for Your Garage Door

  1. Deb Pearl says:

    It is getting colder, and I have been wondering how I can keep my garage door working properly. That is a good idea to make sure that we lubricate the metal hardware. That would make things a lot easier to move. Hopefully that will help make it so things don’t get stuck in the cold!

  2. Thanks for these tips for caring for a garage door in the winter. You mentioned that it’s important to check if the cables are worn because it could indicate that they may break. I’m kind of interested to see what these look like. It seems that this could be a good reference for someone to evaluate what the condition of their cords are.

  3. ALex says:

    Thanks for this article!

  4. Just great! I know that the our readers will enjoy your article too! I just wanted to ask for your permission to share it via RSS on our home improvement blog along with a link to the full content.

  5. Srini says:

    If I cannot find amarr lube, what other product can I use for lubricating from Home depot or Lowes

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